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Informatica Training in Bangalore - New Batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Jeevan
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date22-02-2023 (8:00AM IST)
Training Modes:Classroom Training, Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
Call us at:+91 87223 55666
Email Us at:dturtleacademy@gmail.com

Informatica Training in Bangalore - Curriculum

1. Data warehousing Concepts
2. What is Data warehouse?
3. Difference between OLTP and Data warehousing
4. Data Warehouse Architecture
5. DW Definition
6. What is BI?
7. Definitions of BI
8. Why BI? & who needs BI?
9. DW Features
10. DW vs. OLTP DB
11. Data Mart, Staging DB, Operational Data Stores (ODS)
12. Top Down (Immon) Vs Bottom Up (Kimball)
13. Data Acquisition
14. Data Extraction
15. Data Transformation
16. Data Loading
17. Data Marts
18. Dependent Data Mart
19. Independent Data Mart
20. Dimensional Modeling
21. Dimension table
22. Fact Table
  • Types Measures or Facts or Metrics
  • Types of Fact Tables
  • What is Schema?
  • Confirmed Dimension
  • Junk Dimension
  • Degenerated Dimension
23. ETL Tool
  • Informatica
  • Informatica client tools
    a. Designer
    b. Workflow Manager
    c. Work flow monitor
    d. Repository Manager
24. Designer

– Source Analyzer
– Target Designer
– Transformation Developer
– Mapping Designer

25. How to deal with files
26. Types of file systems
  • Fixed width Flat Files
  • Delimited Flat Files
27. Flat File as Source and Target
28. Indirect load in Falt file
29. XML File as a source
30. Mapping, Session, Workflow
31. Scheduling in workflow
32. Informatica Transformations

a) Expression Transformation
b) Lookup Transformation
– Connected Lookup
– Unconnected lookup
c) Sequence Generator Transformation
d) Filter Transformation
e) Joiner Transformation
– Heterogeneous Joins
– Homogeneous Joins
f) Sorter Transformation
g) Procedural Transformation
h) Router Transformation
i) Aggregator Transformation
j) Update Strategy Transformation
– Insert
– Update
– Delete
– Reject
k) Union Transformation
l) Rank Transformation
m) Transaction Control Transformation
n) Normalizer Transformation
o) Source Qualifier Transformation
– Source qualifier override
– SQ Filter
– SQ sort
– SQ join
p) Stored Procedure Transformation
– Connected SP
– Unconnected SP
q) XML Source Qualifier Transformation
r) Rank Transformation

s) Source Qualifier Transformation

33. Mapplets
34. Reusable Transformations
35. Incremental Aggregation
36. SCD(slowly changing dimension)

• Type-1SCD
• Type-2SCD
• Type-3SCD

37. Incremental Load
38. Full load
39. Tasks
40. Different types of tasks
41. Command
42. Email
43. Decision
44. Event wait and event raise
45. Worklet
46. Timer
47. Advanced Concepts

– Scheduling Workflows
– Informatica Scheduler
– Third party Scheduling Tools
– Informatica Help
– Session Properties
– Workflow properties

48. Debugger
49. SQL Concepts
50. UNIX concepts
51. Informatica Interview Questions, Scenarios and Problems
52. Responsibilities of Informatica Developer
53. Informatica Power Center Repository Manager

– Code Migration
– Copying objects
– Import/Export of objects
– Deployment

Key points of Informatica Training in Bangalore

Why Choose us for Informatica Training ?

Experienced Trainers

Experienced Trainers

We have a pool of highly qualified trainers, who are industry experts and certified professionals. Our trainers are passionate about technology and they deliver their best in every training session.

Updated Curriculum

Updated Curriculum

Our Informatica course curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the latest industry trends and technologies.

Hands-on Projects

Hands-on Projects

Hands-on projects and real-world scenarios are used to reinforce learning and provide practical experience.

Batch Timings

Batch Timings

The institute offers flexible training options, including online and in-person classes, to accommodate different schedules and learning styles.

Small Batch Sizes

Small Batch Sizes

The institute has small class sizes to ensure individual attention and a supportive learning environment.

Certification Program

Certification Program

Certification program and placement assistance for students to start their careers in Snowflake.

Industry Network

Industry Network

Strong industry network and partnerships for internships and job opportunities.

Affordable Fees

Affordable Fees

The training is cost-effective and includes access to study materials, lab facilities, and other resources.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

The institute provides job assistance and career guidance to help students achieve their professional goals.

Benefits of Informatica

Informatica allows organizations to integrate and manage data from multiple sources, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data across the organization.

Informatica automates many manual processes, reducing errors and increasing efficiency, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks.

It provides data quality tools that help organizations to ensure that the data they use is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Informatica provides robust security features to protect sensitive data, ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive information.

Informatica can be scaled to meet the needs of organizations of any size and can be easily integrated with other tools and systems.

Informatica provides real-time integration capabilities, allowing organizations to quickly and effectively respond to changing business requirements.


Classroom Training

Classroom Training

This is the most preferred mode of training, as it offers a practical hands-on experience. The students are trained by our certified and experienced trainers in a classroom environment. They will get an opportunity to practice what they learn in real-time using the latest tools and technologies.

Informatica Course Online

Informatica Course Online

Our Informatica Course Online training is a preferred mode of training for many professionals because it can be done anywhere, anytime. It is quite convenient as the candidates are not required to travel from one place to another and attend classes

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Our effective corporate training programs can improve employee morale, retention, and productivity, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Placement Program

Placement Program

The training is done in a classroom setting where the participants are provided with real-time examples, exercises and hands-on experience. This helps them to understand the concepts better and apply these concepts in their day to day work.

Project Training

Project Training

Project training typically covers a range of topics, including project planning, budgeting, risk management, project scheduling, team management, and communication. It can be delivered in various formats, such as in-person, online, or through self-paced e-learning modules.

Prerecorded Videos

Prerecorded Videos

This is another mode of training, which allows students to view the recorded videos online. The pre-recorded videos are available for students to view as many times as they want.

Our Students Feedback

I took the Informatica Training in Bangalore at D Turtle Institute and it was a great learning experience. The trainers were knowledgeable and made the course material easy to understand. The hands-on projects helped me apply what I learned in real-world scenarios. I highly recommend this institute to anyone looking to learn Informatica.
Rajesh Kumar
D Turtle Institute has a fantastic team of trainers who made the Informatica course enjoyable and informative. The interactive training methods helped me retain the information and I felt confident in my abilities after completing the course. I highly recommend this institute for anyone looking to upskill themselves.
Priya Patel
The Informatica Training in Bangalore at D Turtle Institute exceeded my expectations. The trainers were experienced and provided personalized attention to each student. The hands-on projects and real-world scenarios made the learning process much more enjoyable. I am confident that the skills I gained from this training will help me in my future endeavors.
Nishant Jain
I highly recommend the Informatica Training in Bangalore at D Turtle Institute. The trainers were knowledgeable and made the course material engaging. The flexible training options allowed me to balance my work and studies. I highly recommend this institute to anyone looking to learn Informatica.
Anjali Sharma
The Informatica Training in Bangalore at D Turtle Institute was a valuable investment in my career. The trainers were knowledgeable and provided personalized attention to each student. The small class sizes allowed for a supportive learning environment. The hands-on projects and real-world scenarios helped me gain practical experience.
Rohit Singh
D Turtle Institute provides comprehensive Informatica Training in Bangalore that is both engaging and informative. The trainers are experienced and knowledgeable, and the hands-on projects provided a practical understanding of the concepts.
Aditi Mehta
Thanks to D turtle Academy's Informatica training in bangalore, I acquired all the necessary skills I needed like informatica concepts, data integration, data quality, data management etc. The training allowed me to grasp concepts quickly and start implementing them right away in the real-world projects provided by my trainer. My trainer was highly proficient, effectively teaching and addressing all my doubts. My experience of learning Informatica Training in Bangalore here was indeed excellent.
I enrolled in the Informatica course online and the training was very comprehensive that includes valuable hands-on training sessions, that help me in gaining a deep understanding of the Informatica concepts. I am grateful to my instructor for providing such a wonderful learning experience. I appreciate the placement team for their wonderful support during my job hunting period.
D Turtle Academy's Informatica Training in Bangalore course inclusive all concepts, ranging from basic to advanced. I was delighted with my trainer's extensive knowledge of the Informatica field, and I thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions he conducted. Best place to learn Informatica Training in Bangalore even if you are a beginner.

About Informatica Training in Bangalore

Informatica is a leading provider of data integration software and services. Its product portfolio includes data integration and data preparation solutions, which are used by more than 6,000 customers in 50 countries.

The company’s data integration software is used by customers to extract, transform and load (ETL) data from any source into any destination. Its data preparation solutions help customers cleanse, match and standardize their data for analysis and business intelligence applications.

Informatica training in Bangalore is one of the best institutes in the city. We provide real time and placement focused Informatica courses with 100% job guarantee.

Our trainers are certified professionals who have years of experience in industry. They will make sure that you learn each concept thoroughly before moving onto the next topic.

Our Informatica certification course is ideal for both beginners as well as professional trainees who wants to acquire the skills in Informatica technology. Our informatica course syllabus is put together in a way that immerse all the major aspects of the training course.

The Informatica course in Bangalore comes with placement assistance and training with real-time projects to upskill themselves. All our training is conducted by the top trainers with clarity and technique. 

Enroll with D Turtle Academy for the best Informatica training in Bangalore.

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Informatica Certification Course

Informatica Certification is the most popular and respected certification in the IT industry.

It is recognized by employers around the world as a symbol of excellence in IT skills, expertise and knowledge.

Many organizations use Informatica to measure their employees’ competency levels, especially those who are responsible for managing and developing data integration solutions.

Informatica Certification is offered in several levels: Entry, Associate, Professional and Expert. Each level is designed to test your knowledge of specific components of the Informatica product suite.

Informatica Training in Bangalore

Skills developed post-Informatica Training in Bagalore

Prerequisites for Informatica Course


What is Informatica?

Informatica is a software company that develops tools for data integration, data quality and master data management. The company’s products are designed to help businesses manage the increasing amount of unstructured data generated by new technologies such as mobile devices and social media.

Is Informatica easy to learn?

Learning Informatica is easy, However it completely depends on your background and experience. 

Is Informatica a good career choice?

The future of Informatica professionals is extremely high with many job opportunity and high salary package. 

Why Informatica is best ETL tool?

Informatica is considered as the best ETL tool, here are the reasons – It is highly scalable, has a user-friendly interface, has Flexibility, uses a high-performance engine for data integration and is reliable.

Is Informatica still in demand?

Yes, Informatica is still in demand, as data integration continues to be a critical aspect of data management for many organizations.

Can I get Informatica certification?

Yes, you can get certified from D Turtle Institute after completing the course.

What is the duration of the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore?

The duration of the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore is typically over a period of 2-3 months.

Is the Informatica training program suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore is designed to cater to individuals with little to no prior knowledge of Informatica.

What is the course fee for the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore?

The course fee for the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore varies based on the duration and type of program. It is best to reach out to the institute for a quote.

Does D Turtle Institute in Bangalore provide placement assistance after the Informatica training program?

Yes, D Turtle Institute provides placement assistance to students who have completed the Informatica training program.

What is the experience level of the instructors in the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore?

The instructors in the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute are experienced professionals with several years of industry experience and a deep understanding of Informatica.

Can I attend a demo class before enrolling for the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore?

 Yes, you can attend a demo class at D Turtle Institute before enrolling for the Informatica training program. This allows you to evaluate the training program and make an informed decision.

Are there any prerequisites for the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore?

Basic knowledge of database management and SQL is a recommended prerequisite for the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore.

Does the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute in Bangalore cover real-life scenarios and practical exercises?

Yes, the Informatica training program at D Turtle Institute covers both theoretical concepts and practical exercises, providing students with hands-on experience working with real-life scenarios.

Does D Turtle Institute in Bangalore provide support and assistance after the completion of the Informatica training program?

Yes, D Turtle Institute in Bangalore provides ongoing support and assistance to students even after the completion of the Informatica training program. This includes assistance with career advancement and further learning opportunities.

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