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Salesforce Training in Bangalore - New Batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Kowshik
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date22-02-2023 (8:00AM IST)
Training Modes:Classroom Training, Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:1 Months
Call us at:+91 87223 55666
Email Us at:dturtleacademy@gmail.com

Salesforce Training in Bangalore - Curriculum

1. Snowflake Architecture and Overview
  • Snowflake Overview
  • Architecture
  • How to use the Snowflake UI & Ecosystem
2. Introduction to Cloud
  • What is Cloud
  • Different Cloud Vendors
  • Advantages of Cloud over On-Premise
3. Introduction Data Warehousing Concepts
  • What is a Data Warehouse and Why do we need Data Warehouse?
  • Database Vs Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • What is ETL
4. Introduction to Snowflake
  • How different from traditional DB
  • Quick start to the snowflake and accessing the trial account
  • Creating warehouse, DB, Schema, and tables
  • Accessing different roles and using it
  • Working with worksheets
  • Understanding different types of accounts
5. Understand Cloud platforms
  • AWS and understanding S3 storage
  • Snowflake architecture and caching
  • AZURE and understanding blob storage
  • GCP and understanding Bucket storage 
6. Data Loading and Unloading
  • File formats
  • Internal and external storage
  • Internal and external stage
  • Copy into usage
  • Snowflake internal storage
  • Accessing Cloud storage data into Snowflake (GCP, AZURE and AWS)
  • Data unloading
7. SnowPipe
  • Accessing Snowpipe
  • PUT and GET commands
  • Bulk loading from cloud storage
  • Continuous loading
8. Partner connect with snowflake
  • Snowflake Connector and use cases Python
  • BI connectors use cases
  • Other connectors hands-on
9. Handling JSON and Semi structure data
  • Variant Datatype
  • File format options
  • Creating stages
  • Loading JSON semi-structured data into SF tables
  • Accessing JSON with select statement
10. Scheduling with Snowflake
  • Creating Tasks
  • Streams
  • Accessing procedures with tasks
  • Scheduling as per time with Different time zones
  • Automate the loading process Daily and Weekly
11. Secure Data Sharing
  • Usage of sharing data
  • Sharing data with different accounts
  • Sharing data with non-SF accounts using reader accounts
  • Importance of reader accounts
  • Privileges in data sharing
  • Challenges with cross-region sharing and understanding replication
  • Connecting shared objects with BI tools
  • Limitations with Data Sharing
12. Cloning
  • Access Control Privileges for Cloned Objects
  • Cloning and Snowflake Objects
  • Impact of DDL on Cloning
  • Impact of DML and Data Retention on Cloning
13. Time travel &Failsafe
  • Introduction to Time Travel
  • Querying Historical Data
  • Enabling and Disabling Time Travel
  • Data Retention Period
  • Cloning Using Time Travel (Databases, Schemas, and Tables Only)
14. Query Caching, Clustering, and Performance techniques
  • Creating multi-users on large tables
  • Performance techniques
  • Result set cache
  • Metadata cache
  • Query data cache
  • Best practices of using caching for performance and cost optimization
Advanced Topics
  • Error Handling and Validations
  • Snowflake Pricing model and selecting best Edition and Calculation of Credits usage
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Data Masking
  • Partitioning and Clustering in snowflake
  • Materialized View and Normal View
  • Integration with Python
  • Integration with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Best Practices to follow
  • SCD implementation using streams (CDC)

Key Features of Salesforce Training in Bangalore

Why Choose us for Salesforce Training in Bangalore?

Experienced and Certified Trainers

Experienced and Certified Trainers

D Turtle Institute has a team of highly experienced and certified trainers who have a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Individual Attention

Individual Attention

The institute has a small batch size, which allows trainers to give individual attention to each student.

Industry Connections

Industry Connections

D Turtle Institute has strong industry connections and collaborations with top organizations, which gives students access to job opportunities and industry insights.

Flexible Timings

Flexible Timings

The institute offers flexible timings to participants, allowing them to choose a schedule that suits their needs.

Comprehensive Salesforce Course Syllabus

Comprehensive Salesforce Course Syllabus

Our institute's Salesforce Course Syllabus is up-to-date, comprehensive and covers all the aspects of Salesforce. The training program is designed in such a way that it caters to the needs of both beginners and experienced professionals.

Supportive Learning Environment

Supportive Learning Environment

The institute helps students develop a positive attitude towards learning by providing continuous feedback and guidance from trainers, and encouraging peer-to-peer learning.

Practical Training

Practical Training

D Turtle Institute provides hands-on practical training that allows students to work on real-life projects, enhancing their understanding of Salesforce concepts and preparing them for the challenges they may face in the industry.

Value for Money

Value for Money

D Turtle Institute provides high-quality salesforce course fees that are competitively priced. The institute provides value for money and offers flexible payment options to make it accessible to a wider audience.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

Students from D Turtle Academy get lifetime access to Salesforce Learning Management System that is designed with videos and course content with easy accessibility.

Benefits of Salesforce

Increased Efficiency

Salesforce provides a streamlined, centralized platform for managing customer data, sales processes, and marketing campaigns, which helps organizations improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With Salesforce, organizations can better understand their customers' needs and preferences, which allows them to provide personalized experiences and build stronger customer relationships.


Salesforce is a scalable platform that can grow with an organization's needs. It can be easily customized and integrated with other systems, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Data-Driven Insights

Salesforce provides real-time data and analytics, allowing organizations to gain insights into their customer behavior, sales processes, and marketing campaigns. This helps businesses make informed decisions and drive growth.

Increased Sales

Salesforce streamlines sales processes and provides sales teams with the tools they need to close more deals. This leads to increased sales revenue and faster sales cycles.


Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, which means that it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This provides increased flexibility and accessibility, allowing employees to work remotely and collaborate more effectively.


Classroom Training

Classroom Training

D Turtle institute offers classroom training programs for various Salesforce courses. The training is conducted in a physical classroom with a small batch size to ensure individual attention to each student.

Salesforce Training Online

Online Training

The institute also offers online training programs for Salesforce courses. Students can access the training modules from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The online training program provides flexibility and convenience for learners.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

D Turtle institute provides corporate training programs for organizations that want to upskill their employees. The training program is customized to meet the specific requirements of the organization and is conducted at their premises.

Placement Program

Placement Program

The institute provides students with job-placement assistance to help them find work after graduation or Completion of Training.

Project Training

Project Training

D Turtle institute provides project training to help students gain hands-on experience working on real-life Salesforce projects. The project training helps students apply the concepts learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios.

Pre-Recorded Videos

Pre-Recorded Videos

The institute also offers pre-recorded video modules for various Salesforce courses. Students can access these videos from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The pre-recorded videos provide flexibility and convenience for learners who prefer self-paced learning.

Our Students Feedback

I had a great learning experience in Salesforce Training in Bangalore at D Turtle institute. The trainers were very knowledgeable and provided hands-on training that helped me gain practical knowledge. The placement program was also very helpful, and I got a job soon after completing the training program.
Manish Kumar
The corporate training program in Salesforce Training in Bangalore at D Turtle institute helped our organization to upskill our employees in Salesforce. The training program was customized to meet our specific requirements, and the trainers were very professional and knowledgeable. Our employees gained practical knowledge that helped them in their day-to-day work.
I was a beginner in Salesforce, but the course content and the trainers at D Turtle institute made the learning process easy and fun. The trainers were patient and explained concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. I highly recommend this institute to anyone looking to learn Salesforce. Best institute for learning Salesforce Training in Bangalore.
Nisha Sharma
The project training program in Salesforce Course in Bangalore at D Turtle institute was the best part of the training program. I gained hands-on experience working on real-life projects, which helped me understand the practical aspects of Salesforce. The trainers were very supportive and guided me throughout the project.
Rohan Patel
The pre-recorded video modules in Salesforce Training in Bangalore at D Turtle institute were very helpful, as I was able to access the modules from anywhere and at any time. The modules were well-structured and provided a clear understanding of the concepts. The support team was also very helpful in resolving any queries I had.
Kavya Rani
D Turtle institute provided me with the best Salesforce Course in Bangalore that helped me in my career. The trainers were knowledgeable, experienced, and patient. The institute also provided me with placement assistance, which helped me secure a job in a reputed organization.
The training for the salesforce course online at D Turtle Academy was excellent, possessing in-depth knowledge of the salesforce course syllabus. The training sessions included both theoretical and practical components, making the learning experience highly effective. The salesforce training methods used here were clear and easy to follow, enhancing the understanding of the course content with ease.
I had the privilege of taking the salesforce course online at Turte Academy, and I must say that it was a great experience. Despite of being an online course, the training made me feel like I was attending classes in person. The salesforce course content was top-notch, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire learning process. I highly recommend Turtle Academy's Salesforce Training in Bangalore to anyone interested in learning.
In my experience, Turtle Academy stands out as one of the best training institutes for Salesforce Training in Bangalore. The salesforce course syllabus and salesforce training videos for the program are incredibly helpful and enjoyable. The trainer made sure that we grasped all aspects of the course thoroughly. I highly recommend this institute for anyone seeking Salesforce Training in Bangalore.

About Salesforce Training in Bangalore

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps organizations manage their customer data, sales processes, and marketing campaigns. The platform provides a centralized system that allows organizations to access customer data and insights in real-time, which helps them to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Salesforce is widely used across industries, including banking, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, among others. The platform is known for its scalability, flexibility, and security, which makes it a popular choice for organizations that want to improve their customer relationship management and streamline their operations. 

D Turtle Institute is a leading Salesforce training institute that offers high-quality training programs for students, professionals, and organizations in Salesforce Course in Bangalore. The institute has a team of experienced trainers who have in-depth knowledge of Salesforce and are committed to providing a hands-on and practical learning experience to the students.

D Turtle Institute has built a strong reputation for its high-quality training programs and has trained thousands of students who have successfully secured jobs in reputed organizations. The institute has a proven track record of providing industry-relevant training and has received positive feedback from the students and the industry.

Our Salesforce training course also comes with a course completion certificate. After completing the training process, you will receive this certification from D Turtle that can help your application for various roles in salesforce within any company. 

Our placement assistance team will guide you through the interview process, from preparing for interviews and crafting your resume to practicing with mock interviews. 

Enroll in our D Turtle Academy’s Salesforce Training in Bangalore today!

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Salesforce Course Certification

Salesforce certification validates an individual’s skills and knowledge in using Salesforce.

Salesforce certification can help individuals demonstrate their expertise and skills in using Salesforce to potential employers.

Certifications are available for different levels, such as Administrator, Developer, Consultant, and Architect.

Certification exams are computer-based and test an individual’s knowledge and skills in various aspects of Salesforce.

Salesforce Training in Bangalore

Skills Developed Post Salesforce Training in Bangalore

Prerequisites for Salesforce Course


What is salesforce course?

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that is widely used in businesses to manage customer interactions, sales processes, and automate various tasks. 

Is salesforce good for freshers?

Yes, Salesforce can be a good choice for freshers or individuals who are new to the technology. It is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and has a user-friendly interface that is widely used in businesses to manage customer interactions, sales processes, and automate various tasks.

Is salesforce certification worth it?

Yes, Salesforce certification can be worth it for many professionals. Some of the reasons are – It enhances career opportunities, Demonstrates expertise, Gives access to a community of professionals, etc..

How to get salesforce certified?

Getting Salesforce certified involves the following steps – 1. Salesforce offers various certifications, including Administrator, Developer, Architect, Marketing Cloud, and Sales Cloud. Choose a certification that is relevant to your skills and career goals. 2. Prepare for the exam. 3. Register for the exam. 4. Take the exam: The Salesforce certification exam is conducted online and consists of multiple-choice questions. The exam typically takes 90 minutes to two hours to complete. 5. After completing the exam if you pass you will receive a digital certificate.

What is salesforce certification?

Salesforce certification is a program that provides individuals with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in using the Salesforce platform.

Which salesforce certification is best?

The best Salesforce certification depends on an individual’s career goals and experience level with Salesforce.

Which salesforce certification is best for beginners?

The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is a good place to start for beginners. 

What types of Salesforce training does D Turtle Institute offer?

D Turtle Institute offers classroom training, online training, corporate training, project training, pre-recorded videos, and placement programs.

Who can benefit from Salesforce training at D Turtle Institute?

Anyone interested in learning Salesforce can benefit from the training, including students, working professionals, and business owners.

What is the duration of Salesforce training at D Turtle Institute?

The duration of training varies depending on the program chosen, ranging from 1-2 Months.

What is the cost of Salesforce training at D Turtle Institute?

The cost of training varies depending on the program chosen. Interested individuals can contact D Turtle Institute for more information.

Who are the trainers at D Turtle Institute?

D Turtle Institute has a team of experienced trainers with expertise in Salesforce development, administration, and other related fields.

Will I receive a certificate after completing Salesforce training at D Turtle Institute?

Yes, D Turtle Institute provides certificates of completion to students who successfully complete their training.

Will I get hands-on experience with Salesforce during training?

Yes, D Turtle Institute offers hands-on training with real-world projects, giving students practical experience working with Salesforce.

Does D Turtle Institute provide placement assistance after Salesforce training?

Yes, D Turtle Institute provides placement assistance to students who successfully complete their training.

What is the class size for Salesforce training at D Turtle Institute?

The class size varies depending on the program chosen, but generally, class sizes are kept small to allow for personalized attention.

What is the teaching methodology used at D Turtle Institute for Salesforce training?

D Turtle Institute uses a combination of lectures, hands-on projects, and case studies to help students understand and apply Salesforce concepts.

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