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JIRA Admin Training in Bangalore - Online Batch Details

Trainer NameMr. Mallikarjun
Trainer Experience15+ Years
Next Batch Date22-02-2023 (8:00AM IST)
Training Modes:Classroom Training, Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:45 Days
Call us at:+91 87223 55666
Email Us at:dturtleacademy@gmail.com

JIRA Admin Training in Bangalore - Curriculum

1. Jira introduction and features
2. Project creation and browsing
3. Scrum vs Kanban projects
4. Custom fields
5. Screens and screen schemes
6. Jira Workflow
7. SLA Management
8. Jira Query Language
9. Dashboards
10. Automation
11. Issue types and request types
12. Bulk change
13. User and Group Management
14. Jira Audit logs
15. Global permissions
16. Jira backup Manager
17. Jira Look and feel
18. JSM Customer portal

Key Features of JIRA Admin Training in Bangalore

Why Choose us for JIRA Admin Course?

Experienced Trainers

Experienced Trainers

D Turtle Institute has a team of experienced trainers who are experts in JIRA administrator certification and have years of hands-on experience in the field. They will train you and make you an expert in the Jira admin field.

Practical Learning Approach

Practical Learning Approach

Our JIRA Admin Training in Bangalore focuses on practical learning, and participants will gain a practical understanding of JIRA admin course while working on real-time projects.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Collaborative Learning Environment

At D Turtle Institute, we create a learning environment that encourages people to share their experiences and learn from one another while discussing new and updated topics. This will help them to gain proficiency by sharing their knowledge with each other.

Flexible Training Schedules

Flexible Training Schedules

We offer flexible time schedules for Jira admin training in Bangalore to accommodate the busy schedules of our learners.

Comprehensive Course Content

Comprehensive Course Content

Our Jira admin course covers a wide range of topics, including JIRA installation, user management, project creation and management, issue tracking, custom fields, workflows, and plugins.

Industry-Recognized Certification

Industry-Recognized Certification

We provide a JIRA Admin course completion certificate to all our trainees with an industry-recognization certification that demonstrates their skills and expertise in JIRA administration.

Compact Batch Sizes

Compact Batch Sizes

We take only 10 to 15 students in each batch of  JIRA Admin training in Bangalore so all our students can receive personalized attention from our trainers and this will also help them to understand the concepts in a better way. 

Affordable Fees

Affordable Fees

We keep our Jira Admin certification cost at a low price for the training program by offering excellent value for money.

LMS Access

LMS Access

We provides free study materials, training pdf and LMS access to all our students with a lifetime validity and accessibility upon enrollment in the JIRA admin course.

Advantages of JIRA Admin

Efficient Project Management

JIRA Admin allows for efficient project management by providing tools and features for issue tracking, project planning, and progress monitoring.

Customizable Workflows

With JIRA Admin, workflows can be customized to suit specific project requirements, enabling teams to work in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

Improved Collaboration

JIRA Admin promotes improved collaboration between team members through features such as notifications, comments, and team calendars.

Better Visibility and Reporting

JIRA Admin provides real-time visibility into project progress, allowing teams to identify potential issues early and take corrective action.

Easy Integration

JIRA Admin can easily be integrated with other popular tools and software, making it a flexible and versatile solution for project management.

Increased Productivity

By providing teams with the tools and features they need to work efficiently and collaboratively, JIRA Admin can help increase productivity and reduce the time and effort required to complete projects.

Our Services

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

D Turtle Institute offers Jira admin classroom training programs at our institute located in sunshine layout, BTM 2nd stage, Bangalore where participants can attend in-person training sessions conducted by experienced trainers in a state-of-the-art facility.

Jira Admin Training Online

Jira Admin Training Online

We also offer the Jira Admin Training Online program that enables participants to learn from anywhere, at any time, with the help of virtual classrooms and by getting live interactions with trainers.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

We offer customized corporate training programs tailored to the specific needs of businesses and organizations, ensuring their employees get the training they need to enhance their skills and improve their productivity.

Placement Program

Placement Program

We provide job placement assistance in Jira admin for our trainees who successfully completed the training program, by helping them find better job positions in their respective fields.

Project Training

Project Training

We offer project training programs that provide participants with hands-on experience working on real-world projects, enabling them to build their skills and gain practical knowledge in Jira admin.

Pre-Recorded Videos

Pre-Recorded Videos

You can also learn Jira admin Course with our self-paced recorded video courses that are well organized. A complete set of videos will be available in our video course. You can access it at any time to learn at your own pace and convenience. 

Our Students Feedback

I completed JIRA Admin Training in Bangalore at D Turtle Institute, and it was a great experience. The trainers were very knowledgeable, and the course was very comprehensive, covering all the important topics. Best institute to learn Jira admin course.
Jira Admin Training in Bangalore
D Turtle Institute offers the best JIRA Admin training in Bangalore. The trainers are knowledgeable and provide practical learning experiences that help you gain real-world skills. I found the Jira admin course to be very helpful, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their JIRA administrator course skills.
Ravi P
The JIRA Admin course program at D Turtle Institute was excellent. The trainers were very experienced and provided hands-on training, which was very helpful. The course content was comprehensive, and the training helped me gain a better understanding of JIRA administration.
Samantha R
I had a great experience learning JIRA admin training in Bangalore at D Turtle Institute. I enrolled in their online training mode and the trainers were very patient and knowledgeable, also the course content was very comprehensive. The facilities were also excellent, and I found the placement assistance very helpful.
I found the JIRA Admin Training program at D Turtle Institute to be very informative and helpful. The trainers were very experienced, and the course content was very practical, which helped me gain a better understanding of JIRA administration. I would highly recommend this jira admin course program who wants to learn.
Ramya M
D Turtle Institute's JIRA Admin Training program is top-notch. The trainers are very experienced and provide hands-on training that helped me gain practical experience. I found the course content comprehensive, and it sufficiently addressed my interests.
Azam M
The teaching method and the placement assistance program thay provides is one of the best. They will teach you practically and provide expert knowledge in jira admin course while providing the real time case study. By enrolling in their course, I get in-depth knowledge in the core concept of jira admin. Best institute to learn Jira Admin training in Bangalore.
I enrolled for the Jira Admin training in Bangalore. They provided practical training along with expert guidance that will surely benefit anyone in the jira admin concept. I would highly recommend this institute to anyone who is looking to learn Jira Admin training in Bangalore.
The Jira admin course curriculum is highly sophisticated here and the teaching strategies make it easy to learn modules theoretically and practically from a beginner label. All the instructors are highly experienced and their way of teaching makes the module much easier to understand. Mock interviews conducted by the team helped me in boosting my confidence during the job interviews.

About JIRA Admin Training in Bangalore

JIRA Admin is a software tool used for project management and issue tracking. It is widely used in software development teams to manage their development projects and track the progress of their team members. JIRA Admin is developed by Atlassian, an Australian software company. It provides a variety of features and tools for managing projects, such as issue tracking, project planning, and progress monitoring.

JIRA Admin offers a customizable workflow, which allows teams to create unique workflows to fit the specific needs of their project. The software also provides a range of features that enable teams to work collaboratively, such as notifications, comments, and team calendars.

With JIRA Admin, teams can easily identify potential issues early and take corrective action to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Additionally, JIRA Admin is a flexible and versatile solution that can be easily integrated with other popular tools and software, making it a comprehensive project management tool.

D Turtle Institute is a leading provider of high-quality education in Bangalore. Its commitment to helping students succeed academically and professionally has made it the go-to choice among many parents and career seekers.

Get enrolled in to our Jira Admin course program conducted by industry experts with 12+ years of experience in the field. 

We customized the course curriculum in such a way that completes all the industry standards with all the major aspects and detailed training techniques. 

Our Jira admin Training in Bangalore also provides you with placement assistance and training with real-time projects to skill up your knowledge.

We can help you to achieve your ideal job and career goal with our extensive training in the Jira Admin course.

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JIRA Admin Certification

Jira Admin Training in Bangalore

Skills Developed Post JIRA Admin Training

Career Opportunities of JIRA Admin

JIRA administrators are responsible for managing and maintaining JIRA applications. They may be required to work with several teams at once, from different departments within an organization. The role requires strong interpersonal skills as well as technical expertise.

Jira Admin Training in Bangalore

Prerequisites to learn JIRA Admin Course


What is Jira Admin Training?

JIRA Admin refers to the administration and management of JIRA, a popular project management tool. JIRA Admin training helps professionals learn how to configure, maintain, and manage JIRA applications.

What is Jira administrator?

A Jira administrator is a user with the Administer Jira global permission.

What does a Jira administrator do?

The role of a Jira administrator is they install, configure, and manage an organization’s instance of Jira. They male sure that each person has the right user role and privileges assigned in Jira.

What is the course duration for the JIRA Admin training in Bangalore at D Turtle Academy?

The course duration for JIRA Admin training at D Turtle Institute varies depending on the specific course or program. The duration may range from a 1-2 months, depending on the level and depth of the training.

What is the training methodology followed by D Turtle Institute for JIRA Admin course?

D Turtle Institute follows a comprehensive and hands-on training methodology for JIRA Admin training. The training is delivered by experienced trainers through a combination of classroom sessions, online sessions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies.

Who are the trainers for the JIRA Admin training program?

The trainers for the JIRA Admin training program at D Turtle Institute are highly experienced professionals with expertise in JIRA administration, project management, and agile methodologies. They are dedicated to providing high-quality training and support to help participants gain practical skills and knowledge.

Does D Turtle Institute provide placement assistance after completion of the JIRA Admin training in Bangalore?

Yes, D Turtle Institute provides placement assistance to participants who successfully complete the JIRA Admin training program. The placement assistance includes resume preparation, job interviews, and job referrals to leading companies in the industry.

What is the fee for the JIRA Admin training program, and are there any discounts available?

The fee for the JIRA Admin training program at D Turtle Institute may vary depending on the specific course or program. Discounts may be available for early registration, group enrollment, or corporate training programs.

Is there any certification exam included in the JIRA Admin training program?

The JIRA Admin training program at D Turtle Institute may include a certification exam to test the knowledge and skills of participants. However, the certification exam is not mandatory and may be offered as an optional component of the training program.

What are the job opportunities available for JIRA Admin certified professionals, and what is the salary range for JIRA Admin professionals in Bangalore?

JIRA Admin certified professionals have a range of job opportunities in project management, software development, and IT operations.

The salary range for JIRA Admin professionals in Bangalore varies depending on the level of experience and job role. However, on average, JIRA Admin professionals can expect to earn between INR 5 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum in India.

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